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The objective of Bay Technical Staffing is to provide a high quality and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our services as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

The appropriate use of temporary employees reduces expenses in recruiting, testing, turnover and benefits. Bay Technical Staffing can provide more efficient resource allocation through temporary, direct placement, and temp-to-hire.

         Short Term Staffing Solutions                           Long Term Staffing Solutions

  • Vacation coverage                                               Evaluation Hiring
  • Maternity, FMLA & Disability Leave                      On-Site Partnering
  • Special Project Completion                                  Candidate Screening & Evaluation
  • Planned Staffing or Flexible Workload                   In-house Drug Screening
  • Peak Season Staffing                                          Full Staffing of High Turnover Dept.

                                  Supplementing - to reduce permanent payroll costs 

                            "Nine out of ten U.S. Companies use Temporary Employees"


Employees play an important role in any business.

Hiring and training new employees is one of the largest expense that a business has to contend with.

The total cost for employee turn over includes costs associated with: recruiting efforts, screening of applicants, wages paid for management and personnel officials to take part in interviews and training, paying for a replacement employee to fill the position during the search and during training of the new employee, wages for the trainer, and costs associated with lower productivity rates during the six months it takes for a new employee to work up to speed.

The first step in finding the best employee for the open position is to determine what your needs for the position are and how you want to rank candidate qualifications and attributes.

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